El Craneo de Murray

  /  El Craneo de Murray
Lorenzo Bergamino El Craneo de murray flabby fuckin mama
Artist: Flabby Fuckin' Mama
Genres: Tex-Mex, Acoustic, Instrumental, Soundtrack, World
Publisher: Flipper Srl
Release Date: 23/11/2020
Label: Flipper Music
01. El Cuco Download
02. Desert in New Mexico Download
03. Shaman's Ashes Download
04. Carlos is in Download
05. Reflections in Mud Puddles Download
06. Coyote Rib Download
07. The Course of the Clearing Download
08. Fire Camp Download
09. Eldorado Download
10. La Taberna de Rosita Download

About The Release

The third album from Flabby Fuckin’ Mama.

Going south, you can follow us on this journey across the border between the US and Mexico.

Like the previous one, The Fall of the Doge, published by Flipper music for their movies catalog.

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